PHOENIX — Best Western has introduced an “I Care Clean” program with advanced technologies such as UV wands, black lights and clean remotes.

“We are unlocking the potential of the housekeeping profession by providing new tools and training to help ensure customer satisfaction, loyalty, and, ultimately, trust. We believe this program will help us do just that,” said Ron Pohl, SVP, Brand Management and Member Services, Best Western.

Prior to international roll-out, Best Western implemented a pilot program to test the cleaning tools at select properties across North America. Guest satisfaction scores at properties using these tools increased substantially in overall experience, cleanliness of room and intent-to-recommend scores.

Best Western housekeeping staff will use UV-sterilization wands to clean surfaces; UV-inspection black lights to detect biological matter and food particles; and clean remotes or wraps that are easy to disinfect. Recyclable and biodegradable single-use pillow and blanket wraps will also be introduced.

Meanwhile, the company is implementing a “collaborative-service” program so guests can choose the time they want their room cleaned and the level of service needed.

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