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PHOENIX — Best Western Hotels & Resorts (BWHR) has announced a number of measures intended to ease the financial burden for its hoteliers during the current economic crisis.

BWHR has implemented the following relief measures through May 2020:

• waiving one half of monthly fees
• waiving one half of property revenue-management fees
• reducing Best Western Rewards (BWR) loyalty-point fees charged to members by one half, without lowering points awarded to loyalty-program participants
• increasing hotel-redemption compensation for BWR loyalty guest stays by 50 per cent
• waiving BWHR co-op marketing fees in their entirety

“The impact of this global pandemic has been devastating to the livelihood of our hoteliers, their families and the employees who depend on them,” says David Kong, president and CEO, BWHR. “At BWHR, we are truly a family that stands together, shoulder to shoulder, during a time of crisis. In coming together, not only will BWHR weather this storm, but our nation and industry will emerge stronger than ever.”

In recognition of the debilitating impact on hotel revenue and the immediate need to conserve use of capital, BWHR is delaying certain fees until November. The company will also offer extensions to its members related to BWHR’s various programs, enabling hotels to focus on the health and welfare of their guests, associates, families and communities.

BWHR’s board of directors and executive team has also voluntarily reduced their compensation by 20 per cent.

“I’m proud that our board of directors and executive team have implemented measures that will provide immediate relief to our hoteliers,” says Peter Kwong, chairman of the board, BWHR. “In the coming weeks, as this crisis unfolds, we’ll continue to listen to the voice of our hoteliers and respond to their struggles in meaningful ways.”

To support guests, the company is extending BWR member status through January 2022 and has amended its cancellation policy, allowing guests to cancel with 24 hours’ notice and receive a full refund through April 30.


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