NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. — The B.C. Hospitality Foundation (BCHF) has added two new members to its board of directors — James Iranzad and Laura Starr.

Iranzad and Starr are both well known in the local hospitality scene. Iranzad has been active in the culinary community for almost two decades and has acted as an advisor to the BCHF for the past five years. He and Joshua Pape head restaurant ventures including Wildebeest, the Pizzeria Bufala, Lucky Taco and Bells & Whistles.

Starr is a restaurant-industry veteran, most notably as part of a women-led team of sommeliers at Vancouver’s Chambar. She is currently a freelance writer and the wine editor of Vita Daily.

“I am honoured and so very excited to be in this new role with the BCHF. What a fantastic opportunity to contribute to a foundation that gives back so much to an industry that has been part of my lifeline for 20 years,” says Starr.

The BCHF is a registered charity that raises funds to support those in the hospitality industry facing financial crisis due to a health issue. The foundation also offers a scholarship program to foster the development of the next generation of workers and industry leaders.


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