SAN JOSE, Calif. —  Bittel is meeting the demands of today’s mobile-dependent travelers by designing in-room phones that are small but stylish. Tomorrow three new compact designs will be unveiled at HITEC in Booth #1545 that free-up space on the nightstand and desktop, leaving more room for the mobile devices that guests have in tow.

“To answer hoteliers’ requests for a reduced footprint guestroom telephone, Bittel is introducing the smallest units ever designed for the hotel environment with our 77 Series,” said Joe Zhang, Bittel CEO. “The Bittel 77 Series Slim Trimline, 77 Series Petite Cordless and 77 Series Petite Plus (direct phone line connect to controller, DECT 6.0 to handset) are exactly what designers, purchasing companies and guests have been asking for.”

The Bittel 77 Series Slim Trimline phone comes in a wall mount and desktop version, and features a compact design perfect for bathrooms and public areas. The unit displays a Message Waiting Indicator that is highlly visible for guest convenience, and is equipped with a Secure Handset Latch to prevent drops and accidental off-hook actions. The 77 Series Trimline, available in black or ivory, is corded and houses its standard 12-key dial pad in the handset.

The Bittel 77 Series Petite Cordless phone uses the latest DECT 6.0 platform to deliver crystal clear conversations. The unit features a Full Duplex Speakerphone on the handset, programmable handset speed-dial keys, and supports up to four cordless handsets in the room with automatic handset synchronization. The 77 Series Petite Cordless comes equipped with streamlined power and line cord integration. In case of a power failure, optional battery back up is offered in addition to the unit’s lifeline mode.

The Bittel 77 Series Petite Plus is ideal for hotels that want to place the phone anywhere in the room, without being wired to a phone jack. The Petite Plus contains the same hardware as the Petite Corless, including the latest DECT 6.0 platform, but the DECT controller can go in a closet or behind/on furniture. The handset/cradle only needs a power cord for charging.

If size of guestroom equipment matters to your hotel or brand, visit Bittel in Booth #1545 at HITEC. To preschedule an appointment, email email Bittel VP of Sales and Marketing Mitch Heinlein at [email protected]. For more information on Bittel America’s full line of in-room equipment options, visit


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