PITTSBURGH, Pa — Targetvue, the new hospitality-driven budgeting and forecasting solution from Aptech, lets operators compare performance against budgets in order to create accurate forecasts.

Aptech joined forces with Mississauga, Ont.-based Prophix Software to develop a totally new budgeting and forecasting application fully integrated with its Profitvue accounting and Execuvue business intelligence systems. Targetvue eliminates the need to correct and recombine multiple spreadsheets for consolidating and reporting and its budgeting and planning property data moves between Aptech’s Profitvue Accounting and Execuvue Business Intelligence Prophix Software systems without manual intervention to streamline the budgeting process.

For more information about Aptech and its products, contact Cam Troutman at (800) 245-0720 or email vueinfo@aptech-inc.com.


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