PHOENIX, Ariz. — American Green, Inc. has partnered with Munch & Co. in preparation for Nipton, Calif.’s public relaunch as what will be the U.S.’s first cannabis-friendly, energy-independent hospitality destination.

As American Green’s official hospitality partner, Munch’s ability to navigate city, county, and state regulations will help ensure that the company remains legally compliant while creating a memorable experience for vendors and visitors for the purpose of economic revitalization in the region at large.

Since purchasing Nipton in August, American Green has also been renovating the Hotel Nipton — a full-service bed and breakfast, and readying it for the anticipated influx of visitors.

“Our team is excited to work with American Green and have the opportunity to implement all facets of cannabis hospitality in magical Nipton, Calif.,” said Freddie Wyatt, president of Munch & Co. “The collaboration between American Green and Munch & Co. will pave a fresh path of tourism and hospitality to Nipton and be a positive example in laying the groundwork showing California and the rest of the country that consumers can respectfully and responsibly experience cannabis.”


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