VANCOUVER — French-dining destination, Alouette Bistro, has opened its doors at Hotel Le Soleil in the heart of downtown Vancouver. 

Alouette, which translates to “lark,” derives its culinary philosophies from classic French bistros and invigorates them utilizing West-Coast flavours. Dishes such as Bouillabaisse and Steak Frites remain loyal to its French roots, but are re-designed with flavours that showcase the beauty and variety of British Columbia. 

The culinary team is led by chef Albert Tran, alongside culinary director, Mark Greenfield. Chef Tran is inspired by the culinary stories the region has to tell. His experience spans from Japanese fusion in Ottawa to Southern France-inspired market cuisine in Montreal to a contemporary French seafood menu in Victoria.

General manager Mark Featherstone leads the team with his love of people and passion for hospitality.


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