By Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

TORONTO — Airbnb launched Billet Day on December 2 with a $25,000 donation to the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) Legacy Fund, which provides financial support to families who can’t afford the costs of minor hockey for their children.

“Airbnb Billet Day is a chance for us to celebrate and support billet families while also highlighting Airbnb hosts who share a similar bond with their guests,” says Lindsey Scully, communications lead for Airbnb, Canada.

The partnership stemmed from the common bond between billet families who open their doors to young hockey players across the country and Airbnb hosts who open their doors to weary travellers across the country. For decades, young rising hockey stars across the country have benefitted from this tradition of generosity through hockey billeting.

“Billeting taught me to appreciate the experience of meeting people who started as strangers and ultimately became life-long friends,” says former professional hockey player Patrick Sharp. “I hope that more Canadians will consider opening their doors to make these types of connections, whether it’s hosting on Airbnb or billeting young athletes.”


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