SAN FRANCISCO — Airbnb is rolling out a new feature that provides guests with flexibility when searching for stays on its platform. 

Guests will now see a Flexible Dates feature that allows them to search without selecting exact dates at the beginning of a search. Users can now search for new options, including weekend getaways, week-long vacations or even a month-long or months-long stays. These options are intended to help users to browse more options while staying flexible on the exact dates of their trip and will also give Airbnb Hosts greater exposure to potential guests.

This new feature was released in recognition of shifts that have taken place in the travel industry. Remote work and learning have given many greater freedom to choose when they travel and had increased interest in travel during off-peak times of the year and the week.

And, as Airbnb’s press release states: “We believe these shifts will continue even after the pandemic fades, and that for those with new flexibility to choose their dates, travel will increasingly become a way of life…The traditional travel industry was built around fixed destinations, with fixed dates in mind, but that model no longer meets the needs of today’s travellers.”


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