WASHINGTON, D.C. — A new national survey commissioned by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) conducted by Morning Consult revealed frequent travellers’ top priorities when staying at hotels in the U.S.

The survey found a number of improvements to health-and-sanitation protocols would have considerable impact on guests’ comfort levels. The top measures include face coverings for employees (87 per cent indicated this would have a lot/some impact) and guests (85 per cent), suspending daily housekeeping of rooms (86 per cent) and utilizing technology to reduce direct contact (85 per cent).

Other popular measures to increase a guest’s comfort level include adding transparent barriers at front desks, concierge or valet stations (82 per cent); signage for washing hands, distancing and PPE (80 per cent); temporarily closing amenities (77 per cent); and floor markings to promote social distancing (77 per cent).

Overall, cleanliness is the top priority of respondents. Out of a list of nine options, frequent travellers most often chose cleanliness as the most important factor when determining their next hotel stay and 81 per cent of travellers are more comfortable staying at hotels now with enhanced protocols and standards implemented.

The majority of people also prefer to have housekeeping services performed by request only, with 88 per cent indicating that limiting in-room housekeeping to “by request only” would increase their comfort level. Further, 58 per cent of guests do not want daily housekeeping and 58 per cent would not be comfortable with housekeeping-staff entering their room without advance permission.

“The hotel industry united to enhance our already rigorous cleaning protocols for the health and safety of our guests — and it’s working,” says Chip Rogers, president and CEO of the AHLA. “It’s more important than ever that guests follow our Safe Stay Guest Checklist so they understand what is expected of them no matter where they stay. Travellers across the country looking to include a hotel stay in their upcoming vacation plans know that, with the implementation of Safe Stay, hotels will be safer and cleaner than ever before.”


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