TORONTO — The Cranberry Golf Resort in Cranberry Village, Ont. now offers its guests sustainable hotel cosmetics from Fair CosmEthics by ADA International — ADA’s first Fairtrade-certified hotel-cosmetics line.

The well-known Fairtrade seal stands for ethical standards, sustainability and transparency. The Fair CosmEthics line includes hair and body shampoo, as well as liquid soap, which all contain Fairtrade-certified cane sugar. The line’s conditioner contains Fairtrade-certified Brazil-nut oil. The series, which is purely plant-based and pH-adjusted, exudes a fresh and fruity scent.

“During my first meeting with resort owner and CEO Larry Law and GM Don Buckle, the focus shifted quickly to our Fair CosmEthics brand,” says Paul Weber, vice-president Sales at ADA International Canada. “Their successful unique business model — to take business as a commitment to serve people — perfectly matches our Fair CosmEthics brand, which is not just a premium quality hotel-cosmetics line — it is hotel cosmetics with responsibility.”

The Fair CosmEthics series is available in a modern tube design, as well as in the recyclable 300 mL “Smart Care System” — a dispenser system that makes a significant contribution to the environment by reducing waste and product. With a slight touch, the guest receives just the appropriate amount of body care product. One filling lasts for three to four weeks. Compared with single portions, dispensers require 40-per-cent less product. The system’s plastic mounting brackets are also completely recyclable.


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