As the largest department in payroll by man-hours, housekeeping represents a prime area for sizeable cost savings by implementing modern technology.

First and foremost are the advances in scheduling software that make the credit system all but defunct. By automatically pushing cleaning lists to an app on each housekeeper’s phone, you can update priorities in real-time to meet the demand for 24-7 room readiness.

As most housekeeping-management tools can now integrate with the PMS, early check-ins and late check-outs can be handled effortlessly, as can supervisor inspections for heightened accountability. Moreover, maintenance alerts can be instantly pushed to the front desk and engineering so they are addressed as soon as possible and before a guest notices.

On the analytics side, tracking software lets you plan more efficient routes, as well as rigorously monitor time-per-room. When linked to your past guest-history data, you will know down to the minute how to most effectively assign room cleaning lists to save on man-hours.

Helping to mitigate any pain points related to staff onboarding, engagement and short-term disability claims, there are now a few state-of-the-art platforms that utilize motion-capture hardware to help minimize the time that your supervisors have to devote to training, while helping to prevent workplace injuries by teaching proper ergonomic exercises. Such tools are also highly motivational to aid in the reduction of turnover and absenteeism.

With streamlined processes and improved automation of standard operating procedure (SOP) training, applying new technologies to your housekeeping department is a must in today’s


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