PARIS — AccorHotels has launched Jo&Joe — a new economy hotel brand designed to meet the expectations of millennials.

Jo&Joe offers living spaces with an innovative “open house” concept, which welcomes both locals and travellers alike. In response to today’s evolving hospitality landscape, the brand blends the best of private-rental, hostel and hotel formats by providing a variety of unique accommodation solutions for people traveling alone, in pairs, in groups or as a family, with rates starting from €25 a night.

The brand will offer modular sleeping areas featuring spacious beds, private lockers, reading lights and USB ports. Guests have access to shared recreation areas and bathrooms, rooms and apartments for two to five people with a private bathroom and, depending on the format, a kitchen area. “Out of the Ordinary” accommodation will be available for people travelling alone or in groups of up to six people. Different at each Jo&Joe venue, these original formats include yurts, hammock and caravans.

“More than just an accommodation solution, Jo&Joe has been conceived as an experience enhancer, thanks notably to its offbeat design, innovative digital ecosystem and catering offerings. With its “open house” concept, the brand diversifies the customer journey by welcoming guests as well as locals, who treat Jo&Joe venues as an annex of their living room,” says Frédéric Fontaine, SVP, Global Marketing Innovation Lab. “The project is also a reflection of the group’s cultural and managerial transformation, which shapes Jo&Joe’s approach to hiring, management and service — another of the brand’s distinctive components.”

The Jo&Joe concept also offers a private area where guests can relax, work, cook or wash their clothes (The Happy House); a collaborative kitchen; and a bar offering a unique selection promoting local and craft products.

AccorHotels aims to expand the brand rapidly by opening 50 locations by 2020, including Paris and Bordeaux (2018) as well as Warsaw, Budapest, Rio and São Paulo.


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