PARIS — Accor has launched its new digital-key solution, Accor Key, as part of its strategy to provide a contactless guest journey in its facilities.

The focus of the global rollout will be to provide customers with a keyless door-entry solution, while ensuring that hotels do not lose the human touch that guests require. On arrival at their destination, customers will receive their room key virtually upon downloading Accor’s digital-key app. They will then be given access to rooms, entry to meeting rooms and floor access via elevators using their smartphone. When departing the hotel, the mobile key will automatically be deactivated.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of Accor Key within our entire network,” says Patrick Mendes, Chief Commercial Officer, Accor. “Making contactless and seamless guest experiences a reality is a priority for Accor. Accor Key is a great example of how the group can build solutions and deploy them efficiently in all Accor operating countries.”

Following successful pilot programs in North America, Europe and Asia, the roll out will start in all new Accor hotels opening in 2021 and extend to existing properties, with an objective to equip 500 hotels with Accor Key this year and at least 50 per cent of all rooms across the network within the next five years. The program will be delivered through a partnership with STAYmyway.

“A recent Deloitte study shows that 60 per cent of travellers are more likely to stay at a hotel that allowed contactless check-in and the ability to use a smartphone as a room key — 16 per cent even say it’s a ‘must have.’ The demand is even higher for frequent travellers,” says Faustino Fernandez, founder & CEO, STAYmyway.


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