Today’s guests are more easily influenced, more tech savvy (especially the millennials and Gen Z), they appreciate attention to detail and a personalized welcome and they like to get what they want without having to ask. In order to be successful, hotels will need to adapt to these new realities without any missteps — effectively and quickly, while being planet friendly. Now that’s a new decade challenge!

Once, hotel stays were a treat away from home, but nowadays, hotels have a hard time keeping up with the expected comforts of home — including TV size and quality, as well as other available technologies. As a result, most hotel stays end up being a downgrade from what guests have in their own homes — equipped with casting-ready home-theatre systems to watch a choice of streaming content.

The current challenge for hotels is to offer guests the smoothest transition from their home to the hotel they will call home during their travels. It’s possible to recreate the ease and comfort of home technology in a hotel without breaking the bank, undertaking major renovations or investing in cabling upgrades, et cetera. However, it is important to do things right, as bad decisions could put customers (and their information) at risk or result in avoidable future work, resulting in an additional loss of time and money.

Industry experts such as CES can assist you in making informed decisions by guiding you through the latest available technologies, including options such as 4K and Smart/IP TVs. CES also offers turnkey installation, which includes custom programming (hotel logo, hotel features configuration, etc.), as well as set up of security (ex. credential protection) and energy-saving features.

Interactive platforms (a.k.a. interactive solutions or in-room entertainment) are also a must for hotels in this new decade. These allow for a customized guest experience by including the guest’s name on the welcome screen, provide the opportunity to send personalized messages and facilitate paperless rooms by providing up-to-date hotel information. CES will take stock of your current technology and determine if, with what’s currently in place, the hotel is ready to implement these new solutions. It will also provide further assistance during the upgrade and integration process while making these important enhancement to your hotel.

CES recommends several new products for 2020, including 4K Smart – IPTV ready – Hospitality Televisions, LED walls, new digital-signage displays and solutions, frame TVs and custom displays. CES also specialize in connectivity, offering many new options for USB and wireless charging, connectivity hubs, IP/Wi-Fi phone solutions, energy-saving appliances and much more — all offered with our optional turnkey installation. Plus, CES serves hoteliers coast to coast.

CES is your trusted expert for TV and hotel technology. 

Philippe Landry
National Sales Manager, CES
Has been with CES for 8 years now, serving all Canadian properties assisted by his experimented hospitality team.
[email protected]


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