CHICAGO, Ill. — Starfleet Research, the global provider of IT market research for the hospitality industry, has issued The 2016 Smart Decision Guide to Hotel Property Management Systems.

In previous years, Starfleet’s guide has helped hoteliers discover the latest research, insights and recommendations for improving hotel or resort operations in order to increase occupancy, revenues and profitability. This year’s edition promises to do the same with updates and expansions which highlight emerging trends and new technological innovations.

Guide highlights include:

  • As hoteliers are perpetually searching for new ways to improve guest loyalty, innovations in technology often translate into new guest features — such as keyless room entry — that positively impact the guest experience and bolster guest loyalty. Guest loyalty acquired with such features, however, is generally short-lived.
  • To garner long-term guest loyalty, hoteliers must look beyond just features and build a structure that promotes guest appreciation — anticipating guests’ needs and catering to those needs with consistency is paramount.
  • Next-generation PMS plays a crucial role in enhancing the guest experience by facilitating a “bi-directional flow of information” and presenting real-time data and reports. Therefore, hoteliers should treat a PMS as their “command-and-control centre” — all critical decisions should be based on PMS data.
  • Ideally, PMS technology should enable hoteliers to manage, track, measure, analyze and optimize the vast flow of information in a centralized manner and in real time.
  • PMS information covers areas such as bookings, reservation functions, assigning rooms, posting room charges and maintaining guest folios and housekeeping standards. PMS should also help to manage concierge and guest services, banquets, conferences, physical inventory and security.
  • The outcome of a good PMS structure should be the streamlining of information across all parts of the organization so that operations are as efficient and effective as possible.

The 2016 Smart Decision Guide to Hotel Property Management Systems is available for free download here.


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