OTTAWA — Philippe Gadbois, SVP of Operations at Atlific Hotels, has been re-elected chair of the Board of Directors at the Hotel Association of Canada (HAC).

Nine Board members have also been elected, including Nora Duke, president and CEO of Fortis Properties; Robert Pratt, president of Coast Hotels; Irwin Prince, president and COO of Realstar Hospitality; Satinder Dhillon, SVP of Operations for Westmount Hospitality Group; Vito Curalli, executive director of Canada, Latin America & International Sales at Hilton Worldwide; Marc Staniloff, president and CEO, Superior Lodging Corp.; Tim Oldfield, managing director of Franchise Performance for Choice Hotels Canada Inc.; Neil Hornsby, director of Strategic Partnerships and Marketing for Best Western International; and Tyler MacDonald, director of Hotels for Oxford Properties Group.

New provincial representatives, joining Hank Stackhouse, past chair, include James Chase, CEO of British Columbia Hotel Association; David Kaiser, president and CEO, Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association; Jim Baker, president and CEO, Manitoba Hotel Association; Jim Bence, president and CEO, Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association; Tony Elenis, president and CEO, Ontario Restaurant, Hotel & Motel Association; L’association des Hoteliers du Quebec; Raymond Roberge, Second VP, New Brunswick Tourism Association; Jeff Ransome, president, Hotel Association of Nova Scotia; Greg Fleming, president, Hotel/Motel Association of Newfoundland & Labrador; and Kevin Murphy, president, Hotel Association of Prince Edward Island.


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