Breakfast hotel kitchen cooking meal

Breakfast programs can be a profit centre for hotels

By Nicole Di Tomasso A hotel’s breakfast program, once considered a mere convenience, is now recognized as strategic profit centre that significantly influences guest experience, revenue generation and...
Robot housekeeper vacuuming hotel room

Modern technology is helping housekeeping departments

By Robin Roberts Robotic vacuums? Self-cleaning toilets? An autonomous cart that delivers linens (and uses the elevator)? Software that assigns room cleaning based on guest preference? Sounds more...
Hotel manager talking to customers at hotel desk

Hotel companies are changing the perceptions of careers in housekeeping

By Morag McKenzie The largest department in any hotel in terms of number of employees — and some would say importance — is housekeeping. Yet the labour gap...
Man and Woman with back to each other texting

CRM software is changing the game for hospitality businesses

By Robin Roberts It’s been said that people will forget what you said, they’ll forget what you did, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. It...
Charts and Graphs Hovering around Accountant

Automated revenue-management systems help drive profitability

By Robin Roberts If the average hotelier were as passionate about revenue management as Christoph Hütter is, their bottom line could very well be significantly healthier. And Hütter is very...
Blue Stick figure running out of line of grey stick figures

Hoteliers take advantage of new sales-and-marketing strategies

By Robin Roberts Now that travel is back in gear and the worst of the pandemic is in the rear-view mirror, hotels are clamouring to steer heads into...
Bar Lodge area in Park Hyatt Hotel Toronto

Canadian hotels forge deep connections with the local area

It's increasingly common for Canadian hotels to offer guests a variety of unique ways to forge deeper connections with the local area. And this is showing up...

Operators up their game with pet-friendly programs

When canine and feline guests sign in at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Airdrie-North Calgary, staff is always at the ready to hand out a friendly...

Air quality moves to the top of hotel operators’ agendas

Improving air quality was top of mind for hoteliers during the pandemic, with air-purification and air-filtration systems becoming must-have pieces of equipment. But the issue of air...

The role of CRM in hotel operations

Customer-relationship management (CRM) has played an integral role in hotel operations for decades. Since the early days of basic loyalty programs and email marketing, operators have leveraged...