Variety of grains, vegetables, fruits, eggs, herbs, and spices on table

Hotels can leverage the ancestral diet to upgrade hotel breakfast offerings

By Adam and Larry Mogelonsky One of the latest dietary trends that has emerged attempts to answer the question, “Before the agricultural revolution, what would our ancestors have...
Assortment of breakfast buffet items on table

The breakfast buffet is making a comeback

By Roseline Victoria Vijayakumar The breakfast buffet, beloved by frequent leisure and business travellers alike, has undergone a massive transformation in the post-pandemic era. Though behaviours seem to...
Gourmet Desserts and Pastries

Dessert and pastry play an important role in hotel F&B strategies

By Danielle Schalk While sweet treats aren’t always seen as a top priority, dessert and pastry play an important role in creating a well-rounded hotel food-and-beverage strategy.  As Michael...
Strawberry Low Sugar Dessert

Hotels adapt to low-sugar trend to enhance the meal experience

By Adam and Larry Mogelonsky Whereas fat was the scourge of dieting in decades past, today’s nutritional plans and trends such as keto or paleo espouse low-carb and...
Hospitality worker dealing room service to Hotel Room

A number of factors are shaping in-room dining service

By Danielle Schalk These days, operating a thriving in-room dining service doesn’t come easily. There are a number of factors shaping this staple full-service offering, including supply and...
Woman enjoying cocktail in hotel room while drinking in bed

Beverage operations in hotels are seeing complete transformations

Beverage operations in hotels have seen a complete transformation in design, menu and customer mix as they reposition themselves as the central hub and place to connect...

Chef-branded restaurants add star power to luxury hotels

For a number of years, boutique and luxury hotels have been forming partnerships with celebrity chefs to elevate the onsite-dining experience and increase revenues. As Canada’s culinary...

Hotel guests are re-embracing the breakfast buffet

The long-awaited breakfast buffet has returned with its resurgence of delectable fare, and the Canadian hotel industry is once again creating breakfast-buffet norms, albeit with several new...

Hotel chef re-think food-and-beverage operations

The past two-and-a-half years have transformed priorities for hotel food-and-beverage operations. Combi- and rapid-cook ovens reigned supreme as the primary focus switched to room service and grab...

Hotels re-think breakfast offerings

It may be the most important meal of the day, but at the height of the pandemic, hotel breakfast was not all it was cracked up to...